Blockchain Consulting & Strategy

From concept through a successful token funding event and beyond, our team of highly specialized professionals reduce friction within the blockchain business space so you can focus on your unique, real-world solution.

Blockchain Design & Development

Our developers design transformational blockchain solutions for your business.

  • - Create blockchain strategy
  • - Design protocol
  • - Design token structure
  • - Develop smart contracts
  • - Design decentralized applications (ĐApps)

Investment Fundraising

We communicate the value of your business and its token to the right investors.

  • - Research current blockchain market
  • - Validate ecosystem structure
  • - Develop technical white paper
  • - Define token offering & investor advice
  • - Connect your business with relevant contacts within the blockchain ecosystem

Marketing & Communications

Our savvy marketing team showcases your unique vision to the blockchain the world.

  • - Define your blockchain solution for a practical real-world problem
  • - Showcase your brand’s message in targeted blockchain media


We maximize the real-world impact of your ICO-funded business.

  • - Recruit blockchain talent
  • - Provide consulting services to help your business scale up and be more productive