• Erik Simins, CEO & Co-Founder

    McMaster University, 2-time entrepreneur, 15 years Human Resources leadership, 7 years of technology expertise

    CEO Erik Simins incorporated his first business in 2011. MAGNUS now serves more than 150 clients across North America in both technology and healthcare sectors. In 2017 Simins founded BlockAble to solve for the hiring inefficiencies witnessed in the majority of his client base. What he discovered during the development of ABL, BlockAble’s first technology product, was if the data companies required for background verification could be managed by the individual applicant in a format that prevented falsification, ABL could change that way business is done today.

  • Dan Shea, CTO & CoFounder

    Former Senior VP and Chief Tech Officer IBM/Celestica, Former Senior Vice President at BlackBerry

    BlockAble’s technology lead, Dan Shea has over 35 years of technology experience. As Celestica's CTO and of their three founding executives, he took the company public and grew it from $1B to just under $10B in annual revenue. More recently President/CEO at Arise Technologies Corporation (Solar), COO at Infobright (Database), he is also a senior advisor and investor in both QD Solar Inc. & 3E Nano Inc (Nanotech).

  • Ron Leith, COO & CoFounder

    MBA - Kellogg School of Business, Former GM IBM Networking Division

    BlockAble’s operational lead and Business Development Strategist is Ron Leith. With over 30 years of experience in the technology space, Leith lead the Networking and Hardware Division of IBM as their General Manager. He also designed and built the Inside Sales Organization for IBM’s services business and was on IBM’s global team to manage the Cisco/IBM partnership.

Product Development

  • Doug Schmitt, BSc

    Project Lead & Systems Architect, 25 years Architecture & Delivery

    Doug currently oversees the agile project delivery of code and system architecture for the ABL Ecosystem. In his past, he has been Director of Architecture at MCAP and was Senior Architect at Canada Life for both their Investment and Financial systems.

  • David Ly, BSc Computer Science

    Development Team Lead, 10 years full stack

    David is the technical lead for the ABL Portal. He possesses a background in machine learning and holds over a decade of experience as a full stack developer.

  • Dodi Imbuido, BSc Computer Science

    Blockchain Integration, 3 years BlockChain Architecture

  • Adam Seangio, BA

    UX/UI Lead, 10 years Industrial Design